Friday, December 31, 2004

Manufacturer Knew Prozac Was A Killer Drug!

Now we find more evidence that manufacturer Eli Lilly knew as early as 1980 that Prozac is a killer drug that could cause murder or suicide in users. The British Medical Journal published, and provided to U.S. regulators, confidential documents given to them by an anonymous source showing that Prozac heightened risk of suicide and attempts at violence.

The documents were originally part of a 1994 lawsuit in which victims of a workplace shooting in Kentucky were suing Lilly. Eight people were killed in that incident by a man who had just begun using Prozac a month earlier. (This was about the time of the infamous series of "postal worker" workplace murders following the widespread use of Prozac among postal employees whose insurance covered "mental health" as well as physical health.) Probably sensing that the trial would bring down their empire, Lilly settled with the plaintiffs secretly. Publicly the plaintiffs dropped the suit, making it appear that there was no case. Later, the secret settlement was revealed.

After that, the papers mysteriously disappeared for about a decade, even from court records.

Now we have them back. Not only does Prozac kill, but the people who make it know it kills. How much longer will the world put up with this criminality? It is time to do more than make the drug illegal. It is time to find out who knew this data, who suppressed this report, and indict them for manslaughter. Based on the numbers of suicides and murders that have been precipitated by the use of this drug, the number of manslaughter charges for such individuals could be in the thousands.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Latest Victim Of Psychiatrically-Caused Violence

The latest victim of psychiatry is... Walmart??

Well, not really. The actual victim is a young woman named Shayla Stewart, in Dallas, Texas. After being on psychiatric lines for some time, labeled by psychiatrists to within an inch of her life (pun not intended) and fed "anti-psychotic medication" (which means Prozac, Xanax, Luvox, Paxil, or one of the other current psychiatric drugs that actually cause insanity) Ms. Stewart killed herself -- at the tender age of 24.

Her mother is suing Walmart for selling her the gun she did it with.

Her mother needs to know that Walmart and the gun are "wrong targets". (Once again, no pun is intended.) The correct target would be the vicious psychiatric establishment people who drove her to this.

This is yet another illustration of the truth that more and more people are starting to see: People go crazy and start killing themselves or others after their psychiatric treatment, not before. Psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs make people insane.

One of the questions is whether people on Prozac should be allowed to purchase a gun, according to the article. Our answer: No, they should not. Once someone has been subjected to abuse by psychiatrists, they shouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun. But an easier solution would be to outlaw the psychiatrists. They are the real source of the problem.

Based on the article, Ms. Stewart must have been in pretty good shape before the psychiatrists got to her. It apparently took a long list of psychiatric abuses, including periods of institutionalization and a long history of forced drugging, before they finally made her suicidal. It doesn't always take them that long to make a killer.