Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Story Of A Small Boy

I just got this email. It's not really on line with our core message, which is the fact that SSRI anti-depressants, far from healing people mentally, make homicidal and suicidal killing machines. But this message certainly communicates the insanity that has infiltrated our society and our school system. It illustrates the problem with psych-oriented society and education:

Another success story- Many more need our help!

This young boy was only 2 years old when the pre-school teacher told his mom that he was not "fitting in". He was not willing to sing his "ABC" song, although he knew his alphabet perfectly. He apparently didn't glue things "correctly" on a page, and that was unsatisfactory to the teacher.

This young boy was put on an amphetamine drug that caused him to have severe weight loss, sleepless nights and his heart beating out of his chest, all upon the recommendation of a psychologist who said her son had ADHD.

This type of thing occurs on a regular basis!

This mom was fortunate in that she recognized the need to seek an alternative health practitioner who could help her son to safely get off of the drug and to get on a natural protocol to help heal the body.

This mom is now one of CCHR Florida's biggest and most helpful advocates!

I am asking you to come by my office or call me. I would like to have the opportunity to fill you in on what we are doing, as a team, to eradicate the harmful practices in the field of mental health.

One more person can make a difference and you can be that one person to join our team!

CCHR Florida has many different projects that can be done in life, at home, in our office, yet these projects need to be manned up.

Experience the pride of working with a team that gets the job done!

Call now or come by the office!

Laurie Anspach
Executive Director
CCHR Florida
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