Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Psychiatry Kills Again

If you read our previous post about Kathy Feaganes Allen, you'll be interested (and possibly upset) to know that our expectation she was a victim of psychiatry was very correct. Allen, who became angry at three boys playing in a parking lot and ran them down with her SUV, is a product of modern psychiatry -- the "science" that is supposed to make people saner but actually makes people crazy and dangerous.

Here's the link to a story that explains that she has been going to a psychiatrist for a long time, and takes at least six psychiatric drugs.

"Allen, whose wife testified about her mental illness in a court appearance on Monday, said she sees a psychiatrist every three months to monitor her chemical balance and also takes at least six medications several times daily to "keep her calm." says the story at Newsday.

Psychiatry is the biggest American tragedy of the 21st Century. Psychiatry and its insane culture of mind altering drugs that cause suicide and homicide in the name of "mental health" must be stopped.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kathy Feaganes Allen

The boys were bouncing a golf ball in a parking lot. It hit an SUV driven by Kathy Feaganes Allen. Although it caused no damage, Ms. Allen "lost it". She turned the SUV on the boys, going over curbs and dividers, and charged them again and again. One of them is in critical condition, one in serious condition in St. Augustine, Florida area hospitals.

After she was done, she got out of the car and smoked a cigarette, looking calmly at the boys lying on the ground, bystanders say.

We're watching for proof Ms. Allen is a psych victim. The first clue just showed up, but we had to go to South Africa to get it. A South African site called "" says she told officers she has "mental problems". If she has anything to back that up, it's probably that she has been on a suicide/homicide drug like Prozac, Paxil or one of the other antidepressants. Of course they will miss what our readers already know. PEOPLE DON'T DO CRAZY THINGS LIKE THAT UNLESS THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN "TREATED" BY PSYCHIATRISTS OR PSYCHOLOGISTS. It's modern "psychology" and its insane remedies (drugs, electroshock therapy, etc.) that make people act like this.

Ms. Allen has been charged with three counts of attempted murder.

We will watch for evidence Ms. Allen is on psych drugs.


1:35PM The Smoking Gun: In the St. Augustine Record there is a quote from a friend of Ms. Allen's.

The Allen's home and yard were always filled with "laughing teenagers ... happy people," Tatum said. "There were no drugs and no alcohol in that home. I do know that she couldn't really work outside the home because of stress. She's been on a lot of prescriptions."

Once again, "anti-depressants" have caused violence, and possibly caused the murder of a young man who is still in a coma in a St. Augustine area hospital.

Coming To Their Senses In Britain Re Prozac

At you can find out about Britain's new guidelines regarding prescription of antidepressants, such as Prozac, Paxil and others. Acknowledging the tendency for antidepressants to cause suicide, the new guidelines say, "The group of people who will benefit from these drugs is smaller than some GPs think."

They also recommend great care when stopping the drugs, because of the side effects of doing so. (A side trip to any on-line user support chat site will confirm this. The sites for users of Paxil will fill anyone with horror. Talk about addictive drugs; some of the Paxil stories sound like someone trying to get off heroin.)

This is just another in an accelerating chain of evidences that these insanity-causing drugs are being found out. Sell your stock in Eli Lilly and Glaxo Smith Kline short. They will be in a lot of trouble in a few years. This observer's opinion and prediction is there will be criminal indictments coming with the civil problems, for companies that have caused murders and suicides by suppressing evidence that the drugs fuel such urges in many people.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Zoloft Causes A Murder?

Read today's headline story Zoloft Drove My Son To Kill. A twelve-year-old boy in South Carolina was put on Zoloft, a drug in the same category with Prozac and Paxil. Now protected from insanity by psychiatry's Great Drug Solution, he went to the closet, pulled out a shotgun, and blew away his grandfather, then his grandmother, one at a time.

The boy, named Christopher, had earlier been upset over his relationship with his separated father and mother. So his father sent Christopher to live with his paternal grandparents -- but not before he got "help" from psychiatrists for Christopher's despondent and depressed condition. The psychiatrists expertly did what psychiatrists do: they prescribed strong, mind-altering psychiatric drugs that make people crazy. They first prescribed Paxil to the youngster, changed it to Zoloft just three weeks before the killing, then doubled the dose a couple of days before little Christopher started shooting.

Proving to the world how competent modern psychiatry's solutions to depression are, Christopher grabbed a shotgun and bagged both grandparents in their sleep, then set the house on fire and drove away in his grandparents' car. The authorities who caught up with him said his emotions were cold and hard -- callous.

Christopher is now off all psychiatric drugs, and living with his other grandparents, who say he's once again a "sweet, quiet, laid-back boy" and "the old Christopher again."

This isn't the first time Zoloft has been implicated in a murder case. A Santa Cruz, California man was aquitted of attempted murder for beating a friend because of his Zoloft use.