Friday, April 08, 2005

Canton, Texas Man On Prozac?

Now a man in Canton, Texas shoots his son's high school football coach. He is later found in the woods with self-inflicted wounds, including cuts to his wrists and thigh. Does that sound like Prozac to you? Or one of the other SSRIs?

The man has a history of anger problems. It's a safe bet that somebody thought he should get "help" because of his temper. Unfortunately, the "help" usually offered by today's psychiatrically-influenced community is SSRI-type drugs that make people crazy; drugs that make them kill others or themselves or both.

I say he was a victim of SSRI-type psych drugs, whether it's Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, or any one of several others in this category. In fact I'll say it's a fact. If somebody thinks it's not true, let him prove otherwise.

Since when did somebody lose his temper, shoot somebody, then go in the woods and start carving himself up with a pocketknife? Since SSRIs came into use as so-called "antidepressants", that's since when.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

First They Go To A Psychiatrist, Then They Go Insane

First they go to a psychiatrist, then they go insane. Then while everybody else carrying out the bodies and wiping up the blood afterwards, they say, "Wow, he was insane! He was already going to a psychiatrist! They were already giving him drugs to try to stop this! They should have given him more drugs! They should have psychiatried him more!" But what they miss is he went crazy after he went to the psychiatrist. He went crazy after he took the drugs. Not before!

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Keith Hoeller wrote a great editorial on this subject.

"Another teenager has shot and murdered schoolchildren, and those who believe that "mental illness" is the cause of all our social problems have offered the standard explanation and usual solution: This child suffered from a mental illness, and if only someone had seen the symptoms and notified mental-health authorities, he would have received an accurate diagnosis and the proper medication, and the tragedy could have been prevented. If only Red Lake High School student Jeff Weise had been placed on antidepressant medications, psychiatrists say, then this murder/suicide would never have happened. The story is usually followed by calls for more mental-health screening and treatment of our nation's schoolchildren," says Hoeller.

"In most of the recent cases of school shootings, however, the signs were noticed: The child was reported to mental-health authorities, received a psychiatric diagnosis, was put on medications and was taking them when he pulled the trigger. It was true with Eric Harris of Columbine and Kip Kinkel in Oregon, as well as 10 other youths. This may be the tip of the iceberg, because this information is often kept confidential and out of the papers, even when a murder occurs.

"Now news reports indicate Weise, who murdered nine in Red Lake, Minn., before turning the gun on himself, had been suicidal and was committed to a mental hospital. He began taking an antidepressant last summer, and his dosage had been increased a week before the shootings, according to the New York Times."

Read the rest of Hoeller's article by clicking here.

So once again, we put the cart before the horse and say, "Why didn't they help him in the mental hospital? Why didn't they give him the drugs?

The answer is, they did.

Sooner or later it's gonna hit everybody like a ton 'o bricks. Psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs don't cure insanity -- they create it!