Thursday, October 19, 2006

Foster Kids In Chemical Straitjackets

Historically, the handling of underprivileged children, such as orphans and foster children who have been taken away from their natural parents for some reason, has been abysmal. But today people point to the fact that we feed them and clothe them and house them and no longer force them to work long hours for no pay in factories, and say that we now treat them humanely. Think again.

Read this story from CBS on the use of drugs as a control mechanism for foster kids. The bottom line is that if you are taken away from your parents you're destined to be forced to take heavy mind-altering psychiatric drugs on a daily basis. There's just no alternative. You don't get to say, "No today thank you, I feel fine." If I were in that position, I think I might prefer the 12-hour per day job on the factory assembly line, a bowl of gruel for supper, and a clear head. It is criminal to use these drugs as a form of chemical incarceration.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Rush To Medicate Young Minds

A psychiatrist speaks on the subject of using medication as a solution to supposed "mental illnesses" such as ADHD, bi-polar, etc., with the result of doing serious damage, sometimes even causing death to the patient. This is an illuminating article. Read the original by clicking here.

More and more, concerned and ethical people in the psychiatry and psychology communities are coming forward in objection to Big Pharma's drug-pushing agenda.