Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Psych-Drug Crazed Mom Murders 3 Children In San Francisco

What is more dangerous around the house for children; a loaded gun or a mother on psychiatric drugs? We’d love to see the statistics on that one. And we’re not advocating keeping loaded guns around the house – unless it is to protect us against mothers on psychiatric drugs.

The world was shocked when it happened in Texas – a mother drowned her four children, one at a time, in the bathtub. Then another Texas mom chopped her children up with a meat axe. Just when we were starting to think our children were safe if they weren’t in Texas, the phenomenon began to replicate elsewhere; the soccer mom who took six psych drugs per day lost it when a ball hit her car near a school, so she charged over the curb in her SUV and ran the boys down – drive over them again and again, then got out of the car and calmly smoked a cigarette as others called for help. And now there’s La-shuan Ternice Harris of Oakland, California, who calmly told her family she was taking her children to the bay and feeding them to the sharks – then did exactly that, stripping them and throwing them in the water off a pier. One of the bodies has washed up, but the other two are still missing.

Ms. Harris had been on psychiatric drugs, and when she came off, she became so crazy the family tried to get the children taken away from her, but not quickly enough. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it was the psychiatric drugs that were keeping Ms. Harris “sane”. It is a well-known fact that these drugs are viciously addictive – despite the fact that the drug companies that produce them cover this up – and people are their most dangerous when they are trying to get off the drugs. The Internet is filled with heart-rending support sites for people who are trying to get off the drugs, including anecdotes about self-mutilation, and homicidal and suicidal thoughts while trying to “kick the habit”.

So it goes on. The grisly killing fields of the 21st Century are the homes of families who are only trying to get a little help with their depression or their upsets with life. Unwitting, they are lured into the offices of the high priests of psychiatry and psychology who give them the psychosis-inducing pills. Like wicked witches and warlocks cackling and rubbing their hands together, they smile and issue the prescription death warrants. “This will help you…”