Friday, March 17, 2006

Pops Prozac, Kills Kids

In another classic SSRI murder, David Crespi killed his two kids, a few days after his doctor switched him from Paxil to Prozac. (SSRIs are the class of psych drugs that includes Paxil and Prozac and Zoloft and several other of those depressing "anti-depressant" drugs.)

Crespi lives in North Carolina. He killed his two kids in January. We noticed it in the news and thought "psych drug murder". But there wasn't a word about psych drugs. That happens a lot. There is an attitude that a person's psychiatric history is privileged information. And prosecutors don't like it when the psych drug thing comes out because they feel it makes it harder for them to get a conviction. In this case it was the media who got the scent and convinced the judge to unseal the psych history, over the objections of the prosecutor. There it was -- he's been on psychiatry lines for years. And as is so often the case, he didn't get better -- he got worse. Psychiatrists just haven't figured out how to actually do people any good. So they drug them instead, with SSRIs that make a percentage of them suicidal/homicidal.

In the case of Crespi, he went off Paxil and went on Prozac, and a few days later he killed his kids. Now he's so suicidal they've taken him out of the jail and put him in an asylum where they can keep him under control.

So let's repeat the big Prozac Causes Depression question: If he wasn't killing himself or his kids years ago, and if he's been under the care of psychiatrists ever since, why NOW does he do this? Shouldn't he be better after years of psychiatric care and psychiatric drugs? Of course, Dear Reader, we know better. The psuedo-science of psychiatry is the child of the same nuts that built Hitler's concentration camps and whisked away Russia's dissidents to Siberia on charges of insanity. They don't help people. They certainly didn't help Mr. Crespi -- or his children.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wanna Join The Army? Not If You're On Psych Drugs

Uncle Sam wants you! Unless you're a Ritalin user, that is.

One of several things that will disqualify a young man or woman from military service is use of Ritalin or other psychiatric drugs. Other limitations include severely overweight, specific diseases such as asthma, or a criminal record.

That's interesting company for the Ritalin ban.

You may recall that one of the Columbine School shooters had tried to join the Army but had been rejected because of use of psych drugs.

The Army has the right idea. They avoided a person who was capable of shooting a room full of his friends, then himself. Now if the schools would get the right idea, they'd be safe. There is no place in them for kids who are put on these psychiatric drugs. These drugs are the primary source of the severe decline in safety and discipline in schools.