Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seratonin and Depression - A Scathing Report

Big Pharma is busy making psychiatric drugs like Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft and others, marking them up for huge profits, and sitting up nights trying to think of new ways to market them to the public. That's not a criticism. That's just good old Yankee free enterprise.

Here's the criticism: The drugs they are making and selling don't work. Worse, they cause psychosis rather than solving it. Watch your news. The school shooters, the moms that kill their kids then apathetically call the police to report themselves, the teens that commit suicide, the unexplainable rages that occur in public -- the bulk of these things are committed by people who have been "helped" by psychiatry and have been given psychiatric drugs.

The industry spins this of course. This crime proves the guy (or gal) was crazy! We just didn't get to him early enough or give him enough drugs! But the startling fact is that these people already got the handling for their supposed insanity before they committed the crime. They go completely crazy and start killing themselves and others after thay get the drugs, not before. Maybe they're "off" the drugs and are trying to withdraw when they go nuts, so the psych says, "See... the drugs were working." But they still weren't committing the crazy crimes until after they were given the drug.

We're not arguing that they were all "just fine" when the psychs got hold of them -- although that may be true in more cases than we'd care to admit, especially with kids who are being routed to the school nurse for doping because they are too "active". But most people seek help when they are somewhat upset. The problem that's occurring here is that someone who is upset, and who, without care, may or may not have continued to be upset for some period of time, went completely crazy after they were "treated" for being upset. That's the problem.

Here's an incredible essay on the subject from the Public Library of Science. It is damning. Read it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Who Benefits From Newly Defined "Mental Illnesses"?

One of the little-known scandals of the psychiatric industry is the way in which a new "mental illness" is "discovered".

Psychiatry has a publication called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The current version is called "DSM IV". This book is a list of all the "mental illnesses" treated by psychiatrists, along with the symptoms of each.

How do things get in the book? Are you sitting down?

By a show of hands at a meeting of psychiatrists from around the country.

By a show of hands. They vote. Someone talks about it, and then they vote.

Is it any wonder that we keep finding out about more and more "mental illnesse"? Remember when it was ADD? Then it became ADHD? And "bi-polar" and so on.

What happens when they redefine mental illness -- an activity in which they engage on a regular basis? Read about it in The Seattle Times. All you have to do is keep defining more and more behavior as "mental illness" and you have a virtually never-ending source of prospects for psychiatric help and psychiatric drugs.

Sexual Abuse of Females in Psych Wards Reportedly 100%

In the Jack Nicholson classic film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, evil Nurse Ratched and here minions treated psychiatric inmates like dirt. At the time the film was released, the story was thought by some to be an extreme, almost cartoonish indictment of mental institutions. In the years after, we discovered it was not a cartoon at all, but a deadpan description of a sick and corrupt system.

"But it was overly dramatic," one might say, "Jack Nicholson dies in the end."

The sad truth is that between 1950 and 1985 more people died in mental institutions in this country that died in all of America's wars, from the Revolutionary War through the War in Iraq.

But there is an element of the abuse in psychiatric wards that wasn't addressed in Cuckoo's Nest -- sexual abuse.

How wide spread is sexual abuse? In a shocking UK study of 16 psychiatric institutions that was newly released, every female patient in a mixed-sex ward reported sexual abuse. This is according to a study's findings published in this month's British Journal of Psychiatry. The psychotics are in control of the institutions.