Friday, December 24, 2004

Murder In French Psychiatric Hospital

The sordid situation in the Cuckoo's Nest world of psychiatry spilled over last week when two nurses (both of whom were in their 40s and mothers of children) were murdered in a psychiatric hospital in the lovely provincial French city of Pau.

The murder is still unsolved. According to the CNN article in the link above, violence is commonplace in psychiatric hospitals in France.

It is sad that two young women with children were cut down in their prime. It is sadder that psychiatry, by using medeival techniques like psycho-surgery and Prozac-style drugs that turn people into suicidal/homicidal maniacs, makes mentally unstable inmates into insane killers.

Our motto: People become killers after they get their psychiatric treatment, not before. We will be watching for the rest of the story when they find the people who murdered these nurses.

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