Friday, January 14, 2005

Florida Nut Is Psych Victim

Floridian Steven Ekberg allegedly picked up a vial and told an anonymous FBI source that "If I put this on your food, this would kill you immediately." He then picked up another vial and said, "This one would make you really sick." A third vial would "kill you, but not right away."

The poison that worried authorities the most was the deadly biotoxin ricin found in Ekberg's home. That plus the AK-47 and the Uzi machine guns were enough to move the FBI to arrest him.

How did Ekberg get like this?

According to his mother, "...he has been treated for depression." So Mr. Ekberg is another testimonial to the wonderful therapeutic results from today's psychiatric/psychological system -- which produces a remarkable number of nuts. We will be watching for evidence that Ekberg was put on Prozac or some other psychosis-producing psychiatric drug. We expect to find that he was.

Remember, most people who go crazy and start killing themselves and others do it after they go to the psychiatrists and start taking psychiatric drugs -- not before. In this case society was too slow to help him before the psychs got to him. But thankfully, maybe he was arrested before he could dramatize his psych-osis (hyphen intended) by killing others.

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