Friday, January 07, 2005

What Psychiatrists Set Asunder, Psychiatrists Can Make Worse Yet

One of the more well-known tragedies caused by psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs is the very sad story of Texas mother and psychiatric victim Andrea Yates, who drowned her four young children, one at a time in a bathtub, under the influence of Prozac and several other psychiatric drugs that were being administered to her for depression.

That alone is a stark illustration of what we have been learning: People go crazy after seeing their psychiatrist and after getting on psychiatric drugs.

But now the story gets worse. Ms. Yates has been set free. Her conviction has been overturned because of blatant false testimony from a witness for the prosecution. And who do you think lied on the stand? A psychiatrist, of course. Never mind that this psychiatrist was paid fees by the government totaling somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 dollars. He just couldn't tell the truth. His lie was bizarre! He claimed that he had been a consultant on an episode of TV show Law and Order in a similar case, and that the jury had found against the defendant. Upon investigation, it was discovered that such an episode of Law and Order never existed! He made it up! I guess you have to come up with something for 100,000 dollars, whether it's the truth or not.

But the judge now asks if this crazy psychiatrist (that is a considered phrase -- I'm not tossing it off) would not have come up with that cock and bull story, would the jury have decided differently?

So Ms. Yates is off the hook for now. They'll have to try her again.

And if it wouldn't have been for a prevaricating (lying) psychiatrist, all that time and expense at trial wouldn't have been wasted.

Of course if it wouldn't have been for psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs, the poor woman probably wouldn't have lost her mind and killed her four children.

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