Thursday, March 24, 2005

Killer Was On Prozac !!!

So it's out. The killer in Minnesota was on Prozac. We hope you didn't bet with us on that one. If you lost, mail your check to Citizen's Commission On Human Rights -- a group that works feverishly to fight the slide toward installing the psychiatrists as the High Priests, and drugging school kids.

According to the news, Jeff Weise -- the 16-year- old assailant -- was "a deeply disturbed youth who had been treated for depression in a psychiatric ward".

Once again we ask, If the psychiatric ward is supposed to help, why did he kill after he went to the psychiatric ward and not before!! We aren't going to stop asking that question, in spite of the fact it is now rhetorical (being asked for effect only because we already know the answer).

The answer of course is that psychiatry does not work. Psychiatric drugs make psychotics, they don't cure them.

He was on Prozac, and he had already been hospitalized once for suicidal tendencies -- another Prozac side-effect.

Much has been made of the rough lot he's had in life. His mother died. His father committed suicide. However, I know a woman whose father committed suicide. She and her siblings were raised at a subsistence level income by an alcoholic mother, and all three of them have college degrees and are doing very well. It's the drug, not the situation.

In fact, the next question we have to ask is, what psychiatric drug was his father on when he committed suicide?

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