Friday, April 08, 2005

Canton, Texas Man On Prozac?

Now a man in Canton, Texas shoots his son's high school football coach. He is later found in the woods with self-inflicted wounds, including cuts to his wrists and thigh. Does that sound like Prozac to you? Or one of the other SSRIs?

The man has a history of anger problems. It's a safe bet that somebody thought he should get "help" because of his temper. Unfortunately, the "help" usually offered by today's psychiatrically-influenced community is SSRI-type drugs that make people crazy; drugs that make them kill others or themselves or both.

I say he was a victim of SSRI-type psych drugs, whether it's Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, or any one of several others in this category. In fact I'll say it's a fact. If somebody thinks it's not true, let him prove otherwise.

Since when did somebody lose his temper, shoot somebody, then go in the woods and start carving himself up with a pocketknife? Since SSRIs came into use as so-called "antidepressants", that's since when.

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