Tuesday, May 03, 2005

For Illegally Selling Anti-Depressants, They Made Him Take Anti-Depressants

In the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, the story is out about 52-year-old Kent Hamilton.

Hamilton was selling Xanax illegally, on the street. Xanax is a psych drug, in the same class with other anti-depressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox etc. This killer group of drugs poses innocently as a tool for psychiatrists to help people who are crazy. The truth is this class of drugs makes people crazy.

So they packed Hamilton off to jail for illegally selling psych drugs. But somehow, Hamilton got put onto psych drugs himself! When he got out of jail he was a real lulu. He was still on probation when he tried to stop taking his psych drugs. It is well known that withdrawal from these drugs is extremely difficult. Some people say it is more difficult than withdrawing from heroin. One only has to look up the chat/support sites for victims of these drugs to see the sordid world these people live in when they're trying to get off these drugs.

Next thing he's wandering around the neighborhood barefoot, dressed in his wife's pants, as his house is burning. Then they figured out that he (allegedly) set it on fire. Now he's up for arson, and the wife is off living with relatives. Their house burned to the ground.

Normally we feel a lot of compassion for people who are driven crazy by psych drugs. But in this case...

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