Monday, June 20, 2005

Non-Compliance With Treatment Disorder

Non-compliance with treatment disorder? That's the ultimate psychiatric bullet. If you refuse to accept the diagnosis some charletan gives you, then you also have this one.

But wait! What other disorders are there? Would you believe 350 of them? And the way these disorders find their way into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) for psychiatrists and psychologists is by... well, it is a democracy isn't it?... by... I'm having trouble saying this. Here goes: BY VOTE!

Is there any science involved? No. It's a show of hands. At conventions of the American Psychiatric Association, someone gives a paper on a new supposed mental disease, then they decide whether this disease should be published in the next issue of the DSM -- by vote!

These are the guys in charge of the incredible new Teen Screen program -- also known as 1984 comes to your neighborhood! But Teen Screen is running into opposition. In Illinois, a child came home to mommy with a diagnosis that she had terrible mental problems. Mom said, "But she has a good disposition, gets good grades, and besides, who said it was okay for her to get these tests?" Mom is suing. Big time. Read about it here.

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