Thursday, November 10, 2005

Psychiatry: Tool of Fascist States

The release of political prisoner Wang Wanxing after 13 years in a Chinese psychiatric institution exposes another example of psychiatry's long tradition of using governments for its totalitarian purposes. Wanxing was picked up on the eve of the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown for displaying a banner critical of the Communist Party and, having committed no criminal offense was sent to a psychiatric facility called an ankang where he was electroshocked and drugged. He watched other inmates die in the ankang.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights says the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and psychiatrists in general falsely claim that the atrocities committed against political prisoners are the result of governments abusing psychiatry. However, psychiatry is a willing accomplice, and has been since they designed and operated the Nazi death camps and before.. They create death camps such as the gulags in Russia and psychiatric slave labor camps in South Africa and get paid for assaulting and killing patients. The WPA has an appalling track record of failing to address and discipline its members' ethics. It has ignored and stonewalled reports of psychiatric abuse until such time as external pressure makes it imperative, for its own reputation, to make claims that it has been abused.

Russian historian, Professor Anatoli Prokopenko, was commissioned by President Yeltsin to investigate the plight of Soviet political dissidents. According to Prokopenko:

"When I chronicled a purely historical analysis of the sources of Soviet punitive psychiatry I initially believed that psychiatry was a science. I thought that it was the totalitarian Bolshevist regime that exploited them in its own political interest.

"However, I realized that no matter what regime may be established, it was the psychiatric community that sought to be above the law, intimidating leaders of the states with fictitious statistics on the legions of the mentally ill and the need to control them. The Serbsky Psychiatric Research Institute, psychiatric gulags and the KGB were the basis of punitive psychiatry in the USSR. To this day, Soviet leaders of psychiatry have refused to publicly declare their responsibility in damaging the mental health and liberty of millions of citizens."

China's psychiatric abuse is not limited to political prisoners. Lobotomies and similar brain operations are reportedly performed on inmates each year. Because there is no science to psychiatry, practitioners have invented "diagnoses" such as "delusions of reform" and "political maniacs" to justify incarceration of the members pf the religious group, the Falun Gong and inmates have been punished with "intravenous injections that made their tongues bulge out of their mouths and by extremely painful acupuncture that applied an electric current to the sole of the foot."

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