Sunday, December 11, 2005

Who Benefits From Newly Defined "Mental Illnesses"?

One of the little-known scandals of the psychiatric industry is the way in which a new "mental illness" is "discovered".

Psychiatry has a publication called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The current version is called "DSM IV". This book is a list of all the "mental illnesses" treated by psychiatrists, along with the symptoms of each.

How do things get in the book? Are you sitting down?

By a show of hands at a meeting of psychiatrists from around the country.

By a show of hands. They vote. Someone talks about it, and then they vote.

Is it any wonder that we keep finding out about more and more "mental illnesse"? Remember when it was ADD? Then it became ADHD? And "bi-polar" and so on.

What happens when they redefine mental illness -- an activity in which they engage on a regular basis? Read about it in The Seattle Times. All you have to do is keep defining more and more behavior as "mental illness" and you have a virtually never-ending source of prospects for psychiatric help and psychiatric drugs.

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