Friday, June 02, 2006

A Message From Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a watchdog group that is exposing Psychiatry and its crimes. This is their latest newsletter:

On May 26, Health Canada (equivalent to the U.S. FDA) issued new warnings that stimulants prescribed for so-called “ADHD” can cause a risk of sudden death. The drugs, it said, increase heart rate and blood pressure which can lead to cardiac arrests and strokes.

Meanwhile, the FDA drags its heels while it considers whether or not its strongest “black box” warning is needed for these drugs in the U.S. And while the clock ticks away, so do the lives of innocent American children. There’s already been more than 200 child deaths from these drugs. In fact, every month a child could be potentially killed by a psychiatric drug prescribed for a “disease” that doesn’t even exist.

Yet Dr. Gerald Dal Pan, a division director in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said current warnings were “appropriate” given the agency's “current knowledge of the drugs.”

I don’t know about you, but such a complacent attitude toward drugs that can kill a child makes me angry. I can’t sit by while another parent loses a child to them. Years of exposing psychiatry’s dangerous “treatments” has taught us that the only way to turn this irresponsible attitude of FDA officials around is a massive public information campaign and pressure from those that oversee FDA operations.

If your response to this child drugging is also outrage, then you can help us do something about it. First, CCHR is producing a report that spells out very simply—with medical terms defined—the dangerous and potentially lethal side effects of all psychiatric drugs and providing a chronology of official drug warnings. This needs to be broadly distributed to all legislators and policy makers so that we are informing them about drug risks that the FDA and psychiatrists are failing to tell them about.

We also have to reach more parents with the truth about these drugs because every parent reached could be activated. They are the most powerful voice. When CCHR can headline a campaign about coercive psychiatric drugging of children and, along with parents and other concerned individuals, help secure protections such as the federal law that now prohibits schools forcing kids on to psychotropic drugs and ensure FDA “black box” warnings alert that antidepressants cause suicide in our youth, you know that we are no lightweight group.

Every CCHR membership provides the means to reach those still trapped in the web of lies and deceit spun for them by psychiatry. They are not bad parents; they are simply betrayed and desperate for the truth denied them. This is what CCHR brings.

That’s where you come in. The more than 20 international drug regulatory agency warnings last year against psychiatric drugs didn’t “just happen.” It took a combined effort and campaign, with CCHR backed up by the aligned power of its membership. An Advocate Member of CCHR International represents $2,000 and with this membership, you could help to secure the safety and survival of thousands of children by getting the truth to the parents and policy makers of America.

Recently, psychiatrists in the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric News, admitted that they feel they are “fighting an uphill battle.” Bemoaned one psychiatrist, Carl Bell: "Parents tell me that putting their kids on Ritalin is a genocidal plot.”

Good! We are impinging! So, before another child is placed at risk, I am asking for your help TODAY by becoming an Advocate—a tax-deductible membership of $2,000 that will step up this campaign. If you are already an Advocate, then make a membership contribution for a loved one, family member or friend. Of course, any membership gift is welcome.

Help put the FDA on notice that it has all the evidence that it needs to not only issue “black box warnings” on stimulants but to also ban them! They must be told that enough is enough—NO parent should be visiting the grave of their child killed by a drug they were deceived into believing was “safe and effective.” There is urgency in this. This is a call to action.

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