Friday, December 15, 2006

Federal Government Lends A Helping Hand To Robber Baron Pharmaceutical Companies

A fascinating article in the Online Journal has exposed an egregious government shenanigan designed to provide a free marketing campaign for the multi-billion dollar per year Big Pharma pharmaceutical industry.

"Under the guise of combating the stigma of mental illness, the U.S. government will soon begin a massive campaign of psychiatric indoctrination, designed to increase the acceptance of psychiatric chemical imbalance theories and labeling, and to pave the way for national psychiatric screening, driving more Americans into seeking psychiatric drug treatment," according to the article.
It's always amazing to see what lengths these insanely rich mega-corporations will go to in their attempt to covertly promote their dangerous and controversial psychiatric mood drugs and antidepressants -- especially in view of the increasing resistance to forthright promotion of the products as the public becomes more aware and informed of the fact that these "antidepressants" actually promote suicide and homicide.

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