Friday, March 09, 2007

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Re: Update from CCHR Florida: Senate Committee Hearing on "ECT" Bill

Last week we sent you a briefing about Florida Senate Bill 112, a bill to outlaw the use of ECT (Electro-Convulsive "Therapy") on anyone under the age of 18. A hearing was held on Wednesday, Feb. 21 in Tallahassee, before the Senate Health Regulation Committee. The psychs—pushing their lies about how ECT is "harmless and safe"—attempted to get the bill killed outright. But in the face of heart-rending testimony from Linda Andre, an ECT victim whose memory and professional career was destroyed by ECT years ago, and who currently heads up a group of 500 similarly harmed ECT victims, as well as Dr. Lee Sheldon, of CCHR Florida’s Orlando Chapter, and the many hundreds of emails received by the members of the committee in favor of passing this bill, the Committee decided against killing it, and instead amended it to provide for a study of the issues, in order to clear up the false data presented by the psychs. We will keep you posted as further developments occur.

The next bill of extreme interest is a bill which would legally enforce "full informed consent" before any parent can give permission to putting their child on psych drugs in the State of Florida. CCHR Florida is part of the Florida Coalition for the Protection of Parental Rights, a coalition of over 100 grassroots parents groups and health professionals (including MDs, psychologists, and even a few psychiatrists) who are totally against the psychiatric drugging of children.

Sometime within the next weeks we are expecting committee hearings on this bill to be scheduled. Please stand by for your next Call to Action.

As you well know, this bill is vital, as exemplified by the recent death of 4-year-old Rebecca Riley, killed by a psychiatric drug cocktail she had been on, under the "care" of her family psychiatrist, who is now facing murder charges.

CCHR Florida is on the job. Our growing membership is proof that our local community is increasingly supporting us. But we need unanimous support from everyone who is aware of the role psychiatry plays in suppressing the society and keeping the civilization in a state of turmoil and unrest.

If you are not already a contributing member of CCHR (under $1.00 per day), please make your intentions known and join us in our goal to fully eradicate psychiatry as the major source of suppression of our environment.

If your membership is out of date, please go to and sign up. Or better still, call CCHR Florida right now at 727-442-8820 to join or renew, with a small monthly membership or single membership donation of any size. How much is it worth to you to have CCHR Florida out there, on the front lines, protecting our future generations, and making the possibility of a New Civilization really possible for all of us here in Florida and the rest of the country.


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