Monday, April 23, 2007

Hard To Get People To Understand

We've been preaching for a long time that the use of psych drugs creates psychotics. It is a repeating phenomenon that people get upset or are perceived by others as being upset, so they are sent to a psychiatrist for help. Then they get on psychiatric drugs, then they go really really crazy and start killing themselves and others. It seems to be hard for people to understand the point, which is that psychiatrists, psychiatric techniques, and psychiatric drugs make people worse, and shouldn't be used at all under any circumstances.

"So what do we do with these people?" That's a good question. Something needs to be done when you have a psychotic like the guy in Virginia. But not psychiatric "help". He went crazy AFTER he got his "help". The "help" from the psychiatrists and the psychiatric drugs drove him over the edge.

Here's a story about another victim of psychiatry; a boy from Wisconsin who gunned down his principal in a school hallway. Note that he got lots of psychiatric "help" and he says he was in "anger management classes for years but found them useless." So of course that means he was in contact with psychs, which means he was taking psych drugs, because that's always the first line knee-jerk thing psychs do is put people on psych drugs.

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