Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ban ADHD Drugs, Not Tag

Ban ADHD Drugs, Not Tag
by Tony Zizza

It appears the last good thing coming out of the state of Colorado is Coors beer. Everything else has taken a horrible left hand turn down the drain.

Does the mountain air in Colorado have a way of turning their education system into a circus?

Colorado is home to the infamous college professor/goon Ward Churchill, and it is home to a high school education system where guest speakers/programs ramble on and on about the pleasures of sex and drugs. There is no shame. There is no standards. There is no accountability. One would think things could not go off the deep end any further in Colorado.

Oh, but they can. And they have.

The Associated Press reported on September 2nd that an "elementary school has banned tag on its playground after some children complained they were harassed or chased against their will."

Color me cynical, but these are just the kind of children who will only become, well, adult children. I'm sure their parents (if you can call them that) are a bunch of wimps. This is a terribly unfunny joke. The world is laughing at us.

According to Cindy Fesgen, assistant principal of the Discovery Canyon Campus school, tag "causes a lot of conflict on the playground." And the issue is - what? Life in the form of human relationships is a constant crash course in conflict. Conflict is how you work things out. Grow. Cooperate. Negotiate. Give up. Ms. Fegen must think that children who do not experience conflict in elementary school outside play will somehow have an inside track on never experiencing conflict in the adult world. Oops. I forgot. My bad. Ms. Fegen and her Discovery Canyon warriors will never know what it's like to be a full grown adult.

Banning tag on an elementary school playground? This is social engineering run amok, and run right out of a sewer.

But it brings a great idea to mind. It's an idea that should be brought to fruition. It could save thousands and thousands of young minds, not just in "Hey, anything goes!" Colorado, but in schools all across this dynamic country of ours.

Ban ADHD drugs, not tag. That's right. You would have to be a moron with a capital M if you do not realize that the emotional impact of tag on an elementary school student is a hell of a lot less severe than the emotional and physical impact ADHD drugs have on students whose minds and bodies are still - growing. Did you hear me? Still growing!

Are these weasels who rail on about tag and how it must be banned, also willing to ban ADHD drugs? I mean, doesn't every school in America have several drug free zone signs in the front entrance for everyone to see, already? What kind of parent or teacher could support ramming Methylphenidate down the throat of an innocent child, but could not support that same child engaging in a simple game of tag?

We're awful teachers and parents if we give tag the boot, but continue to welcome in Big Pharma to our schools and homes. We welcome in Big Pharma in the form of subjective mental disorders, the acceptance of their drugs, and the constant advertising of the ADHD lie in the form of advertising in magazines such as Woman's Day, Redbook and Family Circle. Millions of parents and teachers read these magazines, and see the slick ADHD machine at work.

How sad. Picture a parent-teacher conference or a family dinner (rare, these days) where voices carry to ban the emotional evil of tag, but the mighty label of ADHD is accepted without question. Without debate. Without a wonder. Without a second thought as to the real damage an ADHD diagnosis/drug does to the heart and mind of a small innocent child. Well, at least lousy parents (more interested in their careers or tennis) are relieved with the comfort their child's eventual compliance brings.

So, what kind of parent/teacher are you? Are you against the simple game of tag, but for a child being schooled in ADHD doublespeak and dangerous drugs? Where does your soul weigh in on this one?

Come on, this one is a no brainer.

Ban ADHD drugs, not tag.

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foreign pharmacies said...

This is beyond absurd. A ban on tag?! ADHD meds are basically a low grade version of speed, and it is no suprise that researchers are finding that it is provoking adverse heart conditions and is believed to be linked to over 20 deaths. Parents must learn to be parents instead of always looking for the easiest solution, whether it be a ban on tag, or a pill.