Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kathy Feaganes Allen

The boys were bouncing a golf ball in a parking lot. It hit an SUV driven by Kathy Feaganes Allen. Although it caused no damage, Ms. Allen "lost it". She turned the SUV on the boys, going over curbs and dividers, and charged them again and again. One of them is in critical condition, one in serious condition in St. Augustine, Florida area hospitals.

After she was done, she got out of the car and smoked a cigarette, looking calmly at the boys lying on the ground, bystanders say.

We're watching for proof Ms. Allen is a psych victim. The first clue just showed up, but we had to go to South Africa to get it. A South African site called "News24.com" says she told officers she has "mental problems". If she has anything to back that up, it's probably that she has been on a suicide/homicide drug like Prozac, Paxil or one of the other antidepressants. Of course they will miss what our readers already know. PEOPLE DON'T DO CRAZY THINGS LIKE THAT UNLESS THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN "TREATED" BY PSYCHIATRISTS OR PSYCHOLOGISTS. It's modern "psychology" and its insane remedies (drugs, electroshock therapy, etc.) that make people act like this.

Ms. Allen has been charged with three counts of attempted murder.

We will watch for evidence Ms. Allen is on psych drugs.


1:35PM The Smoking Gun: In the St. Augustine Record there is a quote from a friend of Ms. Allen's.

The Allen's home and yard were always filled with "laughing teenagers ... happy people," Tatum said. "There were no drugs and no alcohol in that home. I do know that she couldn't really work outside the home because of stress. She's been on a lot of prescriptions."

Once again, "anti-depressants" have caused violence, and possibly caused the murder of a young man who is still in a coma in a St. Augustine area hospital.

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