Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Psychiatry Kills Again

If you read our previous post about Kathy Feaganes Allen, you'll be interested (and possibly upset) to know that our expectation she was a victim of psychiatry was very correct. Allen, who became angry at three boys playing in a parking lot and ran them down with her SUV, is a product of modern psychiatry -- the "science" that is supposed to make people saner but actually makes people crazy and dangerous.

Here's the link to a story that explains that she has been going to a psychiatrist for a long time, and takes at least six psychiatric drugs.

"Allen, whose wife testified about her mental illness in a court appearance on Monday, said she sees a psychiatrist every three months to monitor her chemical balance and also takes at least six medications several times daily to "keep her calm." says the story at Newsday.

Psychiatry is the biggest American tragedy of the 21st Century. Psychiatry and its insane culture of mind altering drugs that cause suicide and homicide in the name of "mental health" must be stopped.

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