Sunday, December 12, 2004

There's A New Psycho In Town

Now we have the "fan" who jumped up on the stage and killed a rock star and three others at a concert. One of his victims was heavy-metal rock hero "Dimebag".

We haven't yet located the psych background on the killer, Nathan Gale. Would anyone who knows about it forward the data? We know he had one, because this kind of insane action is almost always done by a victim of psychiatry -- someone who has been on psychiatric medication or has been "treated" by psychs in some way. Psychs don't cure psychos, they create them.

We do have a clue -- Gale was discharged early from the Marines. So his mistreatment by psychiatrists may have occurred while in the military. His untimely discharge is "confidential" -- so it wasn't for a crime. (That's another hallmark of modern society's misunderstanding of psychiatristy and psychiatrists -- courts often detain or imprison someone who is guilty of no crime -- suspending someone's constitutional rights because someone thinks he should be evaluated or treated by psychiatrists without his consent.)

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