Sunday, March 18, 2007

Marilyn Monroe Murdered With Help Of Psychiatrist?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald outlines an FBI memo alleging that the death of Marilyn Monroe was a sort of passive murder.

Monroe was inclined to make suicide attempts, but she was usually rescued. In this case, it was a set-up, according to the memo. Induced by Robert Kennedy or his associates, who feared embarrassment by exposure of Monroe's affair with Kennedy, her psychiatrist prescribed an unusually large quantity of sleeping pills. When she took them she fully expected to have her stomach pumped as it had been in the past, but instead she was ignored and allowed to die.

Although it does not say so in this article, I have elsewhere read that her psychiatrist was in her home at the time of her death.

Given the credibility (or lack) of the FBI during the Hoover years, the document may stretch or fabricate the story, but it is interesting, and in other forms it has been floating around for years. We may never know the truth.

But there is one little fact that sticks: Where there is a psychiatrist there is a person whose mental health is getting worse, not better. The nominal purpose for psychiatry is to help people with mental difficulties. But in practice, we usually find that a person worsens after seeing a psychiatrist. In this case, we have Marilyn, who committed suicide after getting years of supposed "help" from a psychiatrist. It's like the school shooters, the mothers who butcher their kids, all after getting their psychiatric help and drugs, not before.

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