Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Dismal News From Mental Institutions

This article is from KFWB News in Los Angeles, and it's about increases in suicides and attempted suicides in California mental institutions. The article quotes people who try to blame it on lack of staff in the mental institutions, so it's the old saw: "We are supposed to be making people better, but we can't because we don't get enough money!" But the truth is the amount of insurance money and other money is way beyond anybody's wildest imagination. It's not the right reason for the problem. The correct reason is because our mental health system, under the control of psychiatry and Big Pharma, makes people worse, not better. Someone in those mental institutions is being given mind-altering drugs that cause a high percentage of people to become suicidal or homicidal -- like Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, etc., etc., etc.

Our motto: Why is it that people do their worst AFTER they get "help" from psychiatry instead of before? Doesn't that prove that today's psychiatry doesn't work? Why is it that someone decides they are mentally ill (or someone else does) so they enter a mental institution that is supposed to help people who are mentally ill -- then after getting "treatment" for some time commits suicide? Or murders someone. Why?

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